Note to self…Aug. 17th

Note to self...Aug. 17th

Note to self…
Today, so I can have peace, I will pray for the difficult people and situations I am dealing with. I will not repeatedly re-hash everything in my head. I may have to pray 50 times, but that is better time spent, and more productive, than just dwelling on something.

Note to self…Aug. 4th

Note to self...Aug. 4th

Note to self…
God is The Great Healer, The Great Comforter, my source of peace, my provider, my portion, my strength and my redeemer. He is my deliverer and The One who loves my soul. As I look to Him and place my trust in Him, He will restore me, renew me, free me and heal me in ways that only He can.

Note to self…July 25th

Note to self...July 25th

Note to self…
God girds me with strength…
Psalm 18:32
Remember this truth…God Himself prepares me for all I face today. A girdle is part of a warriors armor. It supports and strengthens the body. When God girds me, it means I am ready, equipped, surrounded, held up and supported with God’s own strength!!

Note to self…July 24th

Note to self...July 24th

Note to self…
God cares about how I handle what happens during my day. He doesn’t want me to be stressed. He doesn’t want me to be overwhelmed. He wants me to be at peace, no matter what I face. He wants to carry my burdens. He wants to give me His strength. He wants to give me His peace. It’s up to me to choose how to react. It’s up to me to choose His way of doing things.

Note to self…July 20th

Note to self...July 20th

Note to self…
God is the only one who truly has all the facts about my life and all I am dealing with. He has known everything about my life, from beginning to end, before I even lived one day. He sees what I can’t see. He knows what I don’t know. He wants the best for me in every situation. I will trust Him, even when I don’t understand or can’t see His plan.

Note to self…July 16th

Note to self...July 16th

Note to self…
God is in control. Nothing that has happened has taken Him by surprise. He doesn’t have to react or come up with a plan. He already has a plan… it is not only a good plan, it’s the best plan there can possibly be to work things together for good and to redeem what the enemy has meant for harm.