A Note from Debbie

Dear Friends,

I want to apologize for not posting here regularly. Some have written to ask about why they are not receiving the “Note To Self” daily,  so I wanted to tell you a bit about what is going on.

The last 2 months of 2017 and the first 7 months of 2018 were exceptionally difficult for me health-wise. On top of dealing with constant health issues, I had multiple losses and dealt with several difficult family crisis’.

Most people do not know, but in a little less than 5 years, I have lost almost 40 friends and family members and there are multiple people in my life who I am close to who are terminal and are dealing with life-altering health issues and failing health.  Truly, it has been God’s grace and strength alone that has sustained me and my family.

The Lord knew I needed a break and to re-charge and so He opened doors for me to get away with my son. At the moment, I am on my first vacation in sixteen years. I am traveling with Ryan taking in God’s beauty, seeing sights  I never thought I would see and visiting with family and friends I haven’t seen in many years. This trip is nothing short of a miracle, especially considering how bad my health has been most of this year!

I have tried to keep up with posting on all of my sites and  with my ministry while on the road, but as you all are very aware, I have failed at doing  that consistently.  In reality, I will probably be hit and miss for a few more weeks, but I am doing my best to post when I can.

I thank you for your patience and understanding  for all the times I am not able to post regularly. For once, my lack of posting is not due to health issues! I hope to be back consistently on track and start catching up with email  and all aspects of my ministry  by the 3rd week of Oct.

I am grateful for this opportunity the Lord has given me… it was needed more than I realized. I am physically tired, but feel myself being rejuvenated in spirit and I am blessed beyond words for the many joyous moments my son and I are experiencing together.

I do pray  over you all and trust that our Heavenly Father will meet your every need. I am grateful for each of you and send you blessings, hugs and love.

Much love in Him,