Note to self…Oct. 8th


Note to self…
When things seems dark and hopeless, I need to remember that Christ is risen…that fact changes everything…that fact brings hope to every situation I face…the apostles thought everything was dark and hopeless after Christ died, but the news that Jesus was alive changed everything. He’s alive! He’s still doing miracles. Things aren’t over until He says they are over.

Note to self…Oct. 6th


Note to self…
Jesus says to pray for those who persecute you. Today instead of dwelling on my hurt and pain and those who caused it, I will pray for them. I will ask God to work in them and me. I will commit everything to God’s hands. He can deal with them better than I can. I will keep praying until I find release and peace.

Note to self…Oct. 5th


Note to self…
My confidence is in God. He assures me of victory. He calls me beloved and more than a conqueror. I alone make the choice of whom to believe and listen to…today I choose to listen to His voice. Today I choose to believe His promises and not put more weight on my feelings or what I can see in front of me. Faith believes in what it can’t yet see. I will live this day with faith in Him and with His hope in my heart.

Note to self…Oct,3rd


Note to self…
When I am struggling with anger, I need to take my feelings to the Lord. Pouring out my heart to Him will help change my attitude and give Him a chance to speak to me and fill me with His peace. Stewing on the things that have happened will only hurt me. Praying will help in every way.

Note to self…Sept. 25th


Note to self…
God’s promises remind me that He is present, even when He is silent. I am not alone. I am not forgotten. His Holy Spirit is sustaining me with comfort. God is wiping my tears and binding my wounds. The Lord is compassionate and full of loving-kindness and mercy. He is will be with me and see me through all the days of my life.

Note to self…Sept. 13th


Note to self…
I will remember God’s promises to comfort me when I mourn, to be near when I am broken-hearted, that He will bind my wounds and He will collect my tears. He has given me The Holy Spirit as my comforter and Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the Father interceding for me. I am well-loved and cared for and with God’s help and His strength, I will find healing. There is hope. Joy and restoration are coming